LDPE PP Plastic Film Black Masterbatch

LDPE PP Plastic Film Black Masterbatch

LDPE PP Plastic Film Black Masterbatch

Place of Origin: China
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Corlanda International

No.3, Qianzhaili, Xike town, Tongan district, Xiamen, China , Xiamen, China

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We supply: masterbatch, plastic containers, pallets,Pet cages

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http://www.corlanda-plastics.com Item Noblack masterbatchCarbon Black Content8-60%CarrierCompound PEApplicationABS/PS/PC/PP/PEMFI (g/10min)0.18Melting Point (째C)200Density(25째C)1.3Termal Resistance120-280째CMoisture Content (less than %)0.2Appearance3.5mm(oblate)Addition Rate1-8%ROHS IndexEnvironment-friendlyReactionExcellentFillerNonePacking25 kgs paper bagTechnical specificationSGS CertificateAdvantagesFeature of Corlanda black masterbatch for plastic polymers 1)Good heat resistance perfomance: 300 ℃2)Excellent tinting capability, good dispersion performance.ensure good looking colors on the final products.3)Easy to color, could provide the colors according to customer's specifications and demands4)stable performance during production, no yellowish problem.5)excellent compatibility with the plastic resins. give smooth surface.6)Small addition percentage 1-4% only, bring no adverse effect on plastic resins original properties---impact strength, flame retardance, modulus , brightness ect. Packaging & ShippingColranda Masterbatch  Wide  Applications

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