Place of Origin: India
Certified By: TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited
Unit Price: NRs. 1000000.00
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/s
Packaging: Wooden Crates Export Worthy Packing
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Plot No. 195, Sector - 24, Faridabad - 121005, Haryana , Faridabad, India

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We supply: Automatic Voltage Controller, Rectifier, AC DC Variable supply, Specialized Transformer

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Model No: ONAN

Brand Name: JINDAL'S

Warranty: 5 Year






JINDAL'S brings you the finest products designed and engineered by the people who have been in the same field for the last 30 years. Rectifier is an economical and most efficient method of obtaining DC from AC supply. JINDAL'S manufactures a wide range of rectifiers covering 0-500 Volts and upto 15000 Amps. capacity suitable for Electroplating, Anodising, Hydrogenation and many other Electrochemical processes. The entire manufacturing process is under one roof ensuring 100% quality control at  every stage of production. We believe in quality & customers satisfaction.



Step-less On Load Voltage Regulator
Designed for 100% continuous load
Nil Waveform distortion
High Efficiency of up to 97%
Virtually zero maintenance


Salient Feature

1. JINDAL'S rectifier equipments are wound with electrolytic Prime grade italics to minimise power losses, in comparison to Aluminium italic conductor used by many other manufactures. Our equipments are designed liberally as per capacity and are ideally suitable for marginal over loading conductions.

2. We use verticle Rolling contact type voltage regulator wound with heavy section of copper strips suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle for industrial applications, in comparison to conventional wire wound Regulators used by other manufacturers. The carbon rollers move on both sides of the winding.

3. DIODE : Silicon diodes are tested in house, similar PIV batch and same forward drop diodes are used in the equipment for equal load sharing and reducing the power losses of diodes.

4. LAMINATION CORE : We use imported CRGO Lamination core which have minimum power losses and results in better efficiency of equipment and saving in energy bill.

5. PAINTS : Epoxy paint is used which is resistant to acidic environment of plating process and enhance the life of the equipment by preventing it from corrosion.

6. METER : We use reputed make AE/RISHAB make DC meters only which are very accurate and durable.

7. CONSTANT VOLTAGE CONTROLLER (CVC) (OPTIONAL) : We offer CVC Electronic attachment with rectifier equipments, which will maintain constant Output Voltage or Current as per setting automatically-irrespective of input voltage variation.

8. SERVICING : JINDAL'S have maintained enviable reputation in market in after sales services. This fact can be varified from any of our customers.

Our Equipments are Guaranteed Unconditionally for 5 Years against any Manufacturing Defect. We Shall not charge anything for Installation Servicing and Spares During the Guarantee Period.



Electroplating / Electro-polishing Anodizing plants
Metal mining, refining & extraction Etching
Furnace & Heating systems Electrophoresis coating plants
Metal & glass melting Heating Lehrs
Effluent Treatment plants Annealing processes
Production of Chlorine gas Chemical electrolytic processes
Variable speed drives    


The standard model conforms to the following specifications:
Output Voltage : From zero to max. rated D.C. voltage (upto 1000 Volts)
Output Current : From zero to max. rated D.C. current (upto 3000 Amps)
Input Voltage : 415V, 3-phase, 50 Hz, A.C.
Natural Oil cooled
Modes of Operation : Manual Control
Electrical with the help of push buttons
Mechanical with the help of T-Handle
Ripple Content: Less than 5%
    •  Model with 1% ripple available as optional feature
12 V Rectifier: 82%
24 V Rectifier: 90%
100 V Rectifier: 94%
200 V Rectifier: 96%
250 V and above: >97%
Note: Non-standard models are also available against specific requirements.

Optional Features:

Constant Voltage Controller (CVC)
Constant Current Controller (CCC)
D.C. Overload Trip system
Zero Run Down system
Programmable Ramping Arrangement
Signal Isolators to enable automation / PLC compatibility

Company Profile


Business Type : Seller

Established : 1967

Registration No. : FBD/J-92/7234

Number of Employee : 200-300

Annual Trade Amount : INR 50 Crores


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Online Response Rate: 10%


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Contact Person : Mr. Mohd Sazid

Address : Plot No. 195, Sector - 24, Faridabad - 121005, Haryana

Zip/Post Code : 121005

City : Faridabad

Country : India

Telephone : 91-129-4318001 ,

Fax : 91-129-2234165

Mobile : 91-8527549911

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Overall Online Response Rate: 10 %

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