Hawach Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach Vacuum Filtrations

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Hawach Scientific Co.,Ltd.

Shaanxi Province, P.R.China , Xi'an, China

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We supply: syringe filter, , filter papers, sample vials, SPE cartridge, HPLC columns, flash columns, filter housings, filter bags. filter capsule, filter cartridge extraction thimbles, pipettes, QuEChERS, bottle-top dispensers, vacuum filtration.

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Model No: 0566

Brand Name: Hawach Scientific

Warranty: Year

The filter manifold is used for liquid filtration. Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd single solvent filters can be passed through a single sample, solvent filter, and reasonable design. Vacuum filtrations are available in both glassand stainless steel. Vacuum filtrations are equipped with a separate valve that can filter single or multiple samples simultaneously, saving a lot of test time.

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